And I looked back to how it all started. How did I come to this? At the end of it all, I return to my root with nothing. I am going the way I came.
Chapter 1
It all started on the 18th of March. The day I was born into the Kalejaiye's family.
I was born in the afternoon. Rain didn't fall as you would have thought. Nothing happened. Not even an historic, child bearing complication. Just a normal child bearing struggle.
And as my mother struggled for my life, my father thought only of how to use me to appease his childless sister.
"Titilayo!" Mr Kalejaiye called.
"Yes, my husband." Titilayo replied. "My husband, what's wrong? Is it because the baby is crying? No need to worry o! I am already breastfeeding her.
"No o! I just need to talk to you."
Titilayo dropped the sleeping baby on the bed then walked out of the house, under the tree outside, to sit with her husband.
"Yes, my husband. I am here." She informed, taking a seat beside him.
Mr kalejaiye clears his throat then speaks. "My beautiful wife Titiloye. As you know, the good Lord we serve has blessed us with four children. Two from your ex- husband and two from me.
Shifts in her seat, then replied. "Yes, all glory be to the Almighty God. He has made us fruitful."
"You're so right, my wife. But I want to ask you for a favour and I hope that, you would grant me the favour."
Titilayo laughed. "My husband, what can you possibly ask for, that I won't grant you. You that gave me your all."
"My loving wife, all I gave you was my love. Nothing else.You talk as if I made you the queen of our land."
Titilayo gave him a beatific smile. "But you made me the queen of your heart. What else is greater than that? What do you want?"
"Titilayo. It is my sister. The last time I went to see her, she was on the verge of committing suicide."
Titilayo opens her mouth in shock. "Abomination! That's bad. Why did she do that?"
"She is depressed, Titilayo. She is seventy and doesn't have a child."
"Ah! I will need to specially pray for her in our church."
Mr Kalejaiye shakes his head in protest. " No! I want us to give her our new born baby."