"Come on, Peju. Come inside." Jide directed her into his room.
On getting into the room, Peju immediately sat on his bed. The truth was, she was still feeling neauseous and tired. Since she had this pregnancy, she has always felt tired. She had even vomitted that morning before going to school. Though she was already getting used to it, today own had been worse.
"What happened?" She asked, as Jide shifted the pillow.
"You fainted." He replied, standing straight.
Waawu! Now that one has gone overboard. She thought.
She had only remember herself being on the assembly before everything blacked out.
Struggling to sit upright, she turned to him in fear. "Was I taken to the sickbay?"
"No." I quickly told them that you had malaria and that your mum already called my mum and told her to let me take you home.
"Thank you." Peju murmured, as she sighed in relief. There would have been trouble if the school found out.
"But......."Peju began. "How come you knew I fainted? I mean, it is not like your line is close to mine."
"I was watching you. I could not take my face away from you. Your face looked pale this morning. So, immediately you fainted, I ran to you even before the teachers got to you."
"Thank you." Peju apprecited in a low tone as the fatigue took over.
Shaking his head in disagreement, he said. "We did this together. So we should go through this together."
Peju nodded her head in assent.
"Now, take a nap. I will be back to check up on you."
As Jide walked out of the room, Peju picked up her phone where he had kept it and dialled her mum's number. She picked after the third ring.
"Oluwapejumi, se o wa?" She asked in concern. In a low tone, Peju replied. "I am fine, maami."
"Your teacher called me. She said you fainted." Peju's mother said.
"Yes maami."
"Pele oko mi, Arike. You made a mistake but very soon, you will pass the stage. The knife has done what it can. Don't stress yourself. Myself and Jide's parent will support you. When I come back from Akure, we will all meet up and talk about what to do." Her mother said.
Peju used the back of her thumb to wipe a tear away. "Okay maami. Thank you ma. I am sorry for dissappointing you."
"It is okay, my daughter. Everyone makes mistakes."
"Bye, maami." Peju said.
"O da bo, Arike mi.