Mrs Badmus shook her in protest. "No way! Jide! It can't be! Tell us you are joking. How can you....."
"Woman, calm down." Jide's dad said, turning to his wife.
"Mum, I am responsible for the pregnancy. I am sorry it happened but there is nothing I can do now."
Jide's mother gave her son a scornful look and walked up to him. "Jide, look at me. Look at me!" She demanded then slapped him hard on his face. "You should have done something by not sleeping with her. Were you drunk? How can you walk up to us and tell us that you got a girl pregnant? For crying out loud, you are just seventeen! We sent you to school to learn not to go and get an irresponsible slut pregnant."
With that decleration from Jide's mother, Peju broke down in tears. "Mum! Peju is not a slut! Neither is she irresponsible! I am to blame. I was the one that deceived her! I was not in the right state of mind." Jide said.
"Mum, Dad. I am sorry I broke your trust. But please, can you not blame Peju?" Jide concluded now, with tears in his eyes.
"Aah!" Mrs Badmus snorted.
Moving towards a chair, Mr Badmus sat down then spoke. "Well, the deed has been done. Young lady, have you spoken to your parents about this?"
As Peju was still sobbing, she couldn't talk. So she just nodded.
"Have you tested with a good doctor? How are we even sure the baby is for our son? How are we sure that it is not for other boys that she has been having sex with in your school? Jide's mother asked, making Peju's stored tears, gushed out again. She began to cry violently. She couldn't help herself.
"Mum! I told you that the baby is mine. She was a virgin when I had sex with her." Jide shouted, moving close to me and patting my back in a gentle manner.
Jide's mum shocked, turned to Peju and gave her a pathetic face.
"Young lady," Jide's dad called. "Bring your parents."