"Mum? Dad? Can I see you both for a moment?" Jide asked, as he walked into his parent's room, while they were watching the television.
"Yes love, what do you need? You have eaten, right?" Jide's mum, Mrs Badmus asked, smiling.
"Yes mum,I have." He replied.
Jide's dad sat up then asked. "Jide, what do you want to talk to us about? You look stressed. Are you okay?"
Standing up also, his mum confirmed. "Yes, I have noticed his behaviour since he came back from school. He looked very worried."
"Mum? Dad? Can you just follow me to the sitting room?"
"Why?" They both asked in unison.
"Just please....." Jide pleaded.
"Okay." Mr and Mrs said in assent.
"Good! Here you go, come this way." Jide instructed his parents, as they all walked to the sitting room.
"Jide, this house is our house. We know the direction. Jide's mum said, laughing heartily.
On getting to the sitting, they saw Peju.
"Aah! Aah!! Aah!!! Are you Jide's surprise to us?" Mrs Badmua asked, jokingly.
Mr Badmus that did not know Peju, began to feel out of the picture.
"How come I am the only one that doesn't know her?"
"Oh dear, I am sorry but you are not always around. Peju is Jide's friend. They are both in S3 but Peju is in art class and Jide is in science class. She first visi...."
"Aah! E le jo! " Mr Badmus accused his wife.
Jide, as at now, could just take it anymore, so he just blurted out the truth. "Peju is pregnant and I am responsible.