"Sewa, what should I do?" Peju asked her friend, Sewa during the break hour." Girl, I don't know oo! Did I not tell you to use condom? I have never gotten Pregnant before so I don't know." Sewa replied.
"Mo ti se ira mi o! What should I do?" Peju asked herself, holding the tears, trying not to let anybody aware of what was happening. "Why not start by telling the person who got you pregnant that you're pregnant."Sewa said, turning to me. "He needs to know atleast. If he agrees to take responsibility, Good! If he doesn't, we will think of what next to do." Sewa concluded.
"Okay, I will go and tell him. He should be in his class. Will you follow me?" Peju asked Sewa.
"Me! Why? When you were doing it was I there? Did you even tell me? She asked and hissed. Wow! She is so not good. Peju thought to herself.
"Okay, I will go alone." She replied, walking out of the class.
As Peju got out of the class, she saw him. He was looking neat and handsome as always. He stared at her, giving a beautific smile and she almost forgot her problems. She wanted to run to him as always but couldn't. Instead, hot tears rushed down her cheeks. His smile immediately went off. He quickly ran to her.
"Babe, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Is something wrong? Did you have a bad day? Tell me. I was just coming to your class. What's wrong?" He asked, continiously.
Peju wiped off her tears and looked up at him. He was so handsome. That was the most surprising thing about Jide. Even when he is worried, he still looks breathtaking.
"Jide, I am pregnant." Peju informed, immediately expecting him to push her off.
"Peju, is that it? Pregnancy? We will get over it. It's for me,right? I was already expecting this since we didn't use any protection."
"What? You are agreeing it's yours? Do you even know what it requires for us to raise a child?" Peju asked, in shock.
"Peju dear, I do not know what it requires but it's mine. I can't shy away from my mistake. I am to blame. I deceived you. I told you that there wouldn't be any complication,but there is now." Jide said, holding her shoulders.
"Are you for real?" She asked, sobbing.
"Yes, I am. Now stop crying. It bothers me." He said wiping her tears with his fingers.
"Thank you,"
"you welcome, Peju"