Chapter one
The voices of the twins living next door, "Olamide-Awon omo science student,"playing on the radio,Candy, my neighbour's baby cry. All of these noises were what Peju was trying to shut out after hearing that she was pregnant from the street doctor. How can I be pregnant? I only had sex once. Didn't Sewa say that you have to do it many times before pregnancy can occur? What am I going to do now? Salako, the street doctor would surely tell mama. If I had known it was pregnancy, I would not have even gone to his place. I would have just gone to Sewa. She was good at these things. Maybe I wi....."Peju! Peju!! Peju!!!" Peju's mother shouted, interrupting her thought.
"Peju, open this door!"
"Yes maami," She replied, standing up to open the door. I was in for trouble.What should I do? What should I even tell her? That the pregnancy test is false? Would she even believe me? That's a definite NO! She would just take me to another doctor. A nd this time, it would be a professional one.
"Welcome, Maami." Peju greeted.
"Keep the greetings to yourself. Is it true that you are pregnant? Salako told me but I insulted his future out of him. Oko mi, so fun mi pe ko se ooto."
"Maami, I am sorry." I pleaded, breaking into tears.
"Aah! Ina jo mi! Peju pa mi! Iwo omo yi, a fi gba ti o pa mi! You know that we don't have anyone oo! You know your father is a living corpse. A fi gba ti o doju ti mi!" Peju's mother sobbed.
"Maami, e ma binu. I am sorry. Please Maami, It is the devil's handiwork. ESU ni!" I begged, crying.
"Shut up your mouth! When you were opening your Vagina, it was not the devil. What should we do now? Who got you pregnant? Once you come back from school tomorrow, we will go to the boy's house." Peju's mother concluded, before walking out of the house.
Book cover: Tayotane