Note: This story is a true life story but names has been changed.
My name is Bisola. I was fifteen when I started dating Benjamin. Benjamin was a special to me. Though not my first boyfriend, he was the first boyfriend to touch my body.
When Ennette started asking me about fingering, I decided to tell her my own story about fingering.
Benjamin and I didn't know about fingering, until we started it. It was our remedy to not having sex. Anytime we got, we made use of it.
The first time he did it, mehn! It was painful like hell but that didn't make us stop because it was enjoyable.
Many of us like Bisola and Benjamin engage in fingering. Which as you are thinking now, I don't think it's bad. The thing is just that, we don't bother about getting the knowledge of fingering.
Ya need to know about it. If you enjoy it so much, why not read about it. Well, I am going to lecture you a little about it today.
Now fingering is an act of inserting a finger, two fingers or even more fingers. It is done as a way of arousal, maturation or foreplay to having sex.
Key things to know about fingering
1. Do not engage in fingering with an aggressive partner.
2. Make sure the guy knows where he's touching. I wanted to get a picture of the female reproductive system but network was acting up. It is not only the vagina that is there. There are other holes. Look at what you're doing. Only touch the vagina to avoid bleeding.
3. If the vagina is dry, get a lubricator.
4. If she's a virgin, don't try two fingers, the first time.
5. During fingering, tell your partner if you are enjoying it or not.
6. Please guys, cut your nails short before doing these.
7. Please, do this when you're matured enough. For people above 20, it might cause discomfort but for teenagers and below, it causes pain.
Another thing, fingering causes arousal for sex. So if you're a teenagers or below and you're engaging in this, know that it can lead you into sex.
Fingering is not illegal.
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