It is one year and six months now that if have been in the custody of this unknown gang-Femi is dead I am pregnant and I had a myalagia around my knee because of the gunshot. My dream of becoming a doctor was already jeopdized. I am now 17 and I don’t even know what the future holds for me. My troubles were like chords. Everyday my troubles come together sounding alike. I thought of my mother, father and grandmother. My mom probably would be dead by now as a result of hypertension. I thought of a way to escape and I found one
“Etim”, I called out for my husband.
I had prepared his favourite food so as to enchant him into letting me escape.
W hat is wrong? He asked.
I took the stove and went inside,”come and eat your food “. I said.
H e came out of the house and sat down on the bench. He finished his food and I packed the plate inside. After I had finished washing the plate, I knelt in front of him and I begged him to please help me to escape.
He stood up and started talking. My name is ubom Etim; I am 18 years old, Iam from akwa ibom state but I lived at Lagos. I was outside the house having dinner with my family. When I was hit fiercely with a stick. I was later told that my family died immediately. I left. I tried to reciprocate the death of my parents but I was caught in the act. I later had no choice but to join the gang. I stood and went to touch his shoulders when I saw he was crying. My dream was to become a marine engineer since and my parents were ready to sponsor my education since I was their only child. The night I had sexual intercourse with you, I was forced to because I was told they would kill my girlfriend chioma. Whom I had been keeping my virginity for .although she was later killed that night.
I will help you escape. Because of my love for you. But before we escape, I want you to give birth to our child first. So that if I die as result I would have someone to continue my name.
“Okay” I said feeling happy.
“So true a fool
Is love that you will?
do anything. For her
even to the stage of betrayal
He thinks no ill of betraying his master.
Love is lawless”
Three months later, the gang brought in two girls and they beheaded. Them at the shrine again in front .if fell immediately and started shouting. Etim ran to the place I was and carried me home. When I got inside, I told him the baby was coming. He ran out of the house and went to look for nurse. Under the rain.
I laid there on the bed screaming, my back was aching “Etim!! Etim!!!” I shouted.
After some, he came back and told me the nurse wasn’t around. I looked at his body. It was stained and wet.
“What will we do now?” I asked sobbing
“Don’t worry I will do the delivery”, he said
“you!!!” I shouted out of pain
“Yes me”. He said and he carried me outside because of the heat inside. He laid me on the mat and ran inside to bring a bowl of water. Since he was a science student I decided to trust him with the delivery.
“Pira pah pah” ________ was the sound of the thunder when the baby started bringing out his head. “Push!! Push!!! Push!!!!” Etim kept shouting. I pushed with all my strength. With my wet cloth and turbid hands, I tried to bring my baby to a world that hasn’t been fair to me.
“Push!! Push!!! Push!!!” Etim kept shouting.
I pushed with all my strength. With my wet cloth and turbid hands, I tried to bring my baby to a world that hasn’t been fair to me.
“Whe, Whe, Whe, I heard the cry of my baby.
“It’s a girl shade!!! Etim said shouting.
“I shall call her Tamarlily”.
“Give her to me,” I told Etim.
The baby was so beautiful. she had Etim’s eyes and mouth structure but her face looked just like mine.” she is really a lily,” I said.
“She’s so beautiful.” I said.
“Just like you”.etim . replied cleaning his hands