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Mum day

“Mum, I hope they would accept me back” Cassandra said to her mum in the plane feeling nervous.
“Yes, they will sweetheart. Jesus did. So they will too”. Her mum told her. Smiling innocently.
Although Cassandra had repented and apologized to all her friends even Tarshall, she still felt scared that no one would want to associate with her. As she walked out of the plane in the airport; she thought of all she had done at los angelos. She had gone to school, made new friends, created an NGO and had become a member of the choir in her church where she had baptized.
“Ma, should I take your bag” the guard said as she alighted from her car, “No, I can carry it”. She replied as she watched the guard look at her, surprised. She smiled as she thought of the days when she would slap any of the guard who didn’t take her bag from her immediately she alight from a car or plane. “Gosh, I was bad.” She said as she walked into her room. “Home sweet home”. She thought as she looked round the room. Her piano, teddy bear, mirror, wardrobe, books, toys, clothes, shoes, hats, glasses and her princess type of bed were all in the place just as she left them.

“Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!!” the whole class shouted happily as Cassandra walked into the class. Kate and Hye had decorated the class and made her a cake. As they were dragging her to the cake to cut, Cassandra looked around the class and didn’t see kylen or Tashrell. “Where is …..?” she said interrupted as she saw Kyle and Tashrell walk in, hand to hand.
“Oh! Cassandra! You are around? I missed you” Kyle said as he went to hug Cassandra ignoring the eyes of the student that were assimilating everything for later gossiping.
“Yeah, me!” Cassandra said jokingly as she went to Tashrell so as to hug her. While Cassandra was in Los angelos, Tashrell was always talking to her and asking after her welfare. She had also been the one who had talked to her when everyone even Kyle had left her.
“Welcome sweetheart!” Tashrell said hugging Cassandra again.
“Okay, enough it is all this emotional drama; it is time to cut the cake.” Kyle said already pinching the cake. “Okay, hungry lion, let’s cut the cake.”Cassandra said smiling as she was accepted by everyone.
“Not without us.” Caleb and Kelly shouted as they walked into the class. “Kelly? Caleb?” Cassandra shouted as she went to hug them. She, Caleb and Kelly had been neighbours when they were young Kyle had also joined. But he left their small gang after he gave his life to Christ. Since then, it had been the three of them again until Kelly and Caleb left the country leaving only Cassandra alone before she met Kate and Hye. “That’s my pumpkin, welcoming me just the way I had hoped” Kelly said smiling with love in the eyes. Kelly loved Cassandra, no doubt. She was the only girl Kelly had truly loved. When they were young, Him, Caleb, and Cassandra had been besties. Always going to summer vacations clubs, beaches and everywhere they knew together until Kyle joined. “Okay, now can we cut the cake, before Kyle finishes it?” “Kate sing!” Kelly said taking Cassandra to the front of the class.
“Welcome back!!”. The class shouted as Kate finished singing. “This was what I hoped for.” Cassandra thought, as she feed Kelly the cake. “Hope it last.” She said to herself.

“She’s changed.” Tashrell said as she walked home from the park where she had gone to practice the dance steps she just learned.
“Tashrell is that you?” Her mum asked as she dragged her luggage out of the house into the car.
“Yes, mum.” Tashrell said wondering what her mum was doing “Go, get your luggage Tashrell, we are leaving this house.” Her mum said crying profusely. “Mum, I ain’t going anywhere.” Tashrell said not knowing why she didn’t want to leave.
As she said, she wasn’t going anywhere, her mum walked towards her and slapped her hard. “You are going to stay with that, that, that muck man that doesn’t respect my matrimonial bed? Is that the person you are going to stay with? After all that I have done for you? “Her mum said now crying and throwing thing all over the house. Tashrell went to her mum, took her hands, crying and said, “Mum leaving isn’t going to help” “No it is.” Her mum shouted angrily, mistakenly pushing Tashrell hard for her to hit a glass or not

“It is well Tashrell, your mum and dad are going to come back together again.” Kyle told Tashrell as she cried profusely on the hospital bed. “Kyle, please can you go?” she said irritated by Kyle’s comforting words. “Okay, I will go.” Kyle said as he walked to the door not waiting to draw the issue into arguments. As Kyle left had happen in the past two days. Her mum left, her dad did not come home or visit her since she was admitted into the hospital. “Oh, God! If you truly exist and want me to serve you, let at least one of my parent come to visit me in this hospital.” Tashrell said to herself silently.
Since Tashrell was admitted into the hospital, it had been her neighbour who had helped her to the hospital after her mom drove off.

Julie drove into her country – home silently with her luggage. For sure, no one was around to welcome or ask her questions since she was an orphan. She moved into the living room and stared at the family picture on the wall. She, her mother and father, had taken that picture when she clocked thirteen. It had been and the weather had been a good one to take pictures. “Oh, mama and papa! It was nice when you were alive.” She thought as she sipped the tea that she just made. Her mum and dad had died five days after her thirteen the year old birthday when they went on a trip to visit their distant cousin. She had felt miserable that day and no one had been around to console her. And now, although she and Mark were not dead, Tashrell was more or less like an orphan because she and Mark were not with her and no one was around to console her again. “What could I done” Mark was just not the one I dreamt of him to be. I tried.” She said to herself now sobbing.