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The kidnapping and rape has struck fear in the minds of many neighbours where the incident allegedly occurred. JessicaD’onofrio. Eh—– i said

Mama, i later was admitted to the hospital after Oworotutu shot me in the leg i was shot of fore i spoke i went for operation wasn’t successful so as a result of that, i was in coma for more than seven years. i told my mother “so where did you drop your daughter? and how did you come back to life?” she asked “bunmi took cake care of her and i come back after i had undergone another operation” i said although i did this surgery, the doctor told me i would not be able to walk again.” i said concluding. “Ah my daughter, you went through a lot. My mom told me. You see, after you were kidnapped. No one sleep with his fully closed. It was so sad. My mother said feeling sad.