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Bella love

I don't know where to begin from , but the
first time I met you , I was so blown Like the
breeze because you were so beautiful, then I tried
all my possible best to get you into my bed, I came
up with threatening you which I shouldn't have
done , you ended up spending 10 days with me, in
this 10 days you changed me completely, you
helped to heal my deep wond, you stood by me and
helped me even when you know how risky your
involvement would be, I ended up falling in love
with you without realizing it till you left , weeks past
and you came back with the best news that tong
my heart even up till now, that your carrying my
child ,
Words alone can't express how I feel, but I'd
like to ask some questions my dear beloved Bella ,
how do you see a future with us together? How do
you see if we stop being boyfriend and girlfriend
start a new chapter? How do you see we build a
new mansion and have about 5 to 6 kids running
around ? How do you see yourself becoming my
wife ? I love you Bella and it's time to move ahead,
so once your done reading this why don't you turn
around .
Your love
Knight Houston
Bella turned around as she saw Knight on one knee
and a ring in his hand, she gasped and the roses
and paper fell from her hand , she placed her hand
on both her mouth and chest as tears whirl down
her eyes .
" We've already come a long way Bella, our starting
point was really rough, and we never knew fate only
brought us together, how about you change your
last name my love , bear my last name and have
my children, how does Bella Houston sounds?we
will build a castle in any part of the world , please
marry me and let's start a new chapter my love
...will you be my wife ? He asked .
By this time Bella was already in so much tears as
her lips trembled and hands shaking.
She nodded her head in able to talk, Knight smiled
at as she brought out her left hand for him to place
it on her engagement finger , once he did he got up