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Bella love 2

She has to get out of here, she can't stand his
sight anymore, she suddenly felt she might faint ,
her legs couldn't hold her anymore .
" I shouldn't have come here" she whispered and
ran out of the painting room, Knight quickly ran
after her, before she could reach the living room
door he grabbed her wrist.
"What's up with you Bella? He asked
" Let go of me you bastard, your so wicked , I
should had Known coming here was a mistake, I
thought you will be willing to accept it but all you
want is sex and I foolishly gave it to you , infact
am very stupid to think anything will work between
us " Bella yelled in tears .
Knight now was confused.
" Ella , I dont only want sex from you , but you
don't expect me to let you go away , I can't let you
do that , you mean so much to me and I don't want
to loss you " he said .
" What is the essence of still wanting me when you
don't even want your own blood ? She yelled .
Knight was confused.
" What blood are you talking about Bella ? He asked
" The one you said you don't want, if you don't
want the baby then you don't need me either just
let me go and I won't bother you anymore " she
yelled .
Knight moved a bit back, did she just say baby?
Like a real baby or ...what ?? He stare at her
shocked, is she???
He grabbed her shoulder
" What baby is that? He asked and now Bella too
was confused.
" Bella Answer me, what baby are you talking
about? Knight asked trying to control his temper,
because if it's someone else baby, he will murder
the fucker who dare touched his Bella.
" Your baby you idiot , am pregnant, two weeks
pregnant " she yelled .
Knight let go off her and stare at her with wide
" Your pregnant?he asked as if not believing but
was surprised.
" Yes" she said .
" It's mine right ? He couldn't help the joy that was
building in his heart already , just to hear it's his.
" Of course it's yours, your the only one I've been
Sleeping with " she answered.
Knight smiled .
" Your pregnant, your carrying my baby ? Your
really pregnant? He said happily Bella couldn't help
but smile she whispered yes .
Knight carried her and turn her round Bella laughed
as he dropped her and kissed her long and hard .
" Your carrying my baby " he said touching her
stomach, she nodded, she was so surprised at
Knights behavior, she thought he knew that's why
he said he won't accept, but what was he saying
then ?
" Am going to be a father ...yes ...yes " he laughed
and hugged her again .
" Thank you so much Ella , I love you , thank you "
Knight said and Bella became still like a statue, her
smile faded as she stare at Knight disbelief, did she
hear well, or she has started hearing double.
" Knight" she called .
" Yes love " he pulled her to him.
" You just said ....
" I love you " he completed, Bella nodded looking
into his eyes .
Knight cupped her face in his hand and stare into
her eyes deeply.
" Bella am sorry I didn't come to tell you this on
time, but your the first girl I was so much attracted
to, I was trying to deny my feelings for you but I
was deceiving myself, Bella i really love you and I
was coming to get you back, but then fate had to
get you pregnant for me so we could start from
where we left off, " he said and tears slide down
her eyes , he wipped it with his thumb.