By Emmanuel Monday

In the world today, there are many origins and theories on how the earth evolve, this ranging from various Religious tales and scientific conclusions. However, till date there is no general acceptance on the evolution of the world thus giving every religion the right to introduce their preferred theories of how the world came to existence.

There are three recognized religion in Nigeria which are Christian, Muslim and Traditional religion. However, over the years, there has been a bias channeled to this extent as both the government and its citizens tend to discriminate the ideology and concept of Traditional worshippers. The most recognized religion in Nigeria is Christianity and Islam and this can be seen vividly from the onset of our leaders. It is either a Muslim becomes the president or the vice is a Christian or vice versa. Now this will trigger an alarming question, what about the traditional worshipers?

Today, as a minority tradition, it has suffered immensely from human right abuses. This is based on misconceptions that these religions are antithetical to modernity. Indeed, Traditional religion have provided the blueprint for robust conversation and thinking about community relations, moral and ethical behavior.

It is impossible to trace the history of Nigeria without any traits of Traditional religion and over the years, Traditional religion has serve as an alternative source of solution to both Christianity and Islamic religion, as impatient individuals tend to seek divination and fast solution to their problems

Traditional religion are not based on conversion like Islam and Christianity. They tend to propagate peaceful coexistence and they promote good relations with members of other religious body that surround them. It also provide strong linkage between the life of humans and their ancestors. Humans are thus able to maintain constant and symbiotic relations.